Retrieve Deleted Outlook Contacts on Windows 7

Outlook is one of most famous email management applications that is used nowadays across the entire globe. This tool is capable to manage personal as well as business communications in a very convenient manner. You can easily and effortlessly manage your contacts, meeting schedules, tasks and other things using Outlook. This tool is compatible with different version of Windows computer. This application is safe and secure in terms of data it stores. However, on some occasions it has been found that some important data like tasks, contacts gets deleted from Outlook which leads to a great trouble for users. This problem takes a special dimension in case you have not taken a separate back up of your deleted contacts from Outlook in Windows 7.

The reason of this incident could be many but some of those which are most frequently occurring are mentioned in below paragraphs.

The most noticed reason behind the deletion of contacts from Outlook has been seen is accidental deletion. Let me tell you that there is a size limit for data storage in Outlook depending upon its version. PST file is a place where all the data of Outlook file is stored and when you want to delete useless contacts from it so that you can gain some free space for further storing data, then chances are very high that you would end up with deletion of some useful contacts. This problem takes a serious form in case there is no backup of deleted contacts from Outlook. But, fortunately there is a tool which is known as Recover Deleted Contacts which is specially developed with unique features that can easily recover deleted Outlook contacts in Windows 7. Have a look over this page to know more about recovery of accidently deleted items from Outlook:

Another scenario where your contacts might get deleted from Outlook is deletion by third party software. When you are using internet on your computer then chances of virus attack to your system becomes a bit high. Once, your computer is under the effect of malicious software then antivirus installed on your computer may get delete your contacts from Outlook during the antivirus scanning process. The moment you come to know about this incident you will be very disappointed. If your business contacts have been deleted from your contact folder then do not panic because there is a software known as Recover Deleted Contacts that will comes handy to retrieve deleted Outlook contacts on Windows 7 with ease. Visit here to know how this tool recovers contacts from Outlook 2007:

Irrespective of contact deletion scenario, you can easily restore deleted Outlook contacts in Windows 7 computer or laptop with the help of this application. The only precaution you should take is do not store anything in Outlook after deletion of your contacts from it, if you continue to store new data then because of overwriting you might lose the chances of recovery of your lost contacts. The main feature of this software which makes it so valuable lies in its well-developed algorithm. It can easily and effectively recover deleted emails, task, meeting appointments and many other attributes of Outlook without any difficulty.

Steps to recover deleted Outlook contacts in Windows 7:

Step 1: Download and install the software and launch the software . You will see "Open PST" option, "Find PST" option and "Outlook profile" option on the main screen as shown in figure below.

Recover Deleted Outlook Contacts in Windows 7 - Main Screen

Step 2: Select appropriate option and then select the logical drive. Entire PST files present on that drive will be listed. Select the PST file from which you want to recover deleted contacts in Outlook and then click "Next" button as shown in below.

Recover Deleted Outlook Contacts in Windows 7 - Choose corrupted PST file

Step 3: After that select appropriate scanning method to retrieve deleted Outlook contacts on Windows 7.

Recover Deleted Outlook Contacts in Windows 7 - Select Scanning Method

Step 4: Once the recovery is done you can see the recovered contacts and save it on your computer using the save option of this tool.

Recover Deleted Outlook Contacts in Windows 7 - Save Restored Data