Tool to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the important applications used for managing personal as well as business data. Using Microsoft Outlook advanced features you can manage your Outlook folders in a better and time efficient way. Microsoft Outlook generally stores the data that you have made or shared inside a single PST file itself. Outlook folders  reside in your system’s hard disk or on the exchange server. If any icon on the Outlook bar is selected, then its whole folder structure will be displayed. You can create as extra folders and also public folders which are accessible by other users as well as. You can maintain separate folders inside inbox folder for different email users.

Emails in Outlook are deleted in many scenarios. Sometimes, you may delete an email by selecting it & using “Shift + Delete” key combination. Emails deleted in this manner will bypass the deleted items folder in Outlook and cannot be recovered without the assistance of this Outlook recovery software that can recover all your deleted emails even if they are deleted from deleted items folder. This Outlook recovery utility can be used as both repair & recovery software as it can repair corrupt PST file so as to restore data from it. With the help of its advanced algorithms, it has the potential to restore deleted contacts from Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003 profile including other Outlook data within a couple of mouse clicks.

Outlook recovery software not only recovers deleted contacts but is also capable enough to recover emails, calendars, tasks, notes, appointments, RSS feeds and other Outlook attributes that are either deleted or lost due to various reasons. This software supports recovery of contacts from any scenarios and you can understand how to recover deleted folder in Outlook and also able to get back deleted contacts from Outlook 2010, for more info go to

Scenario responsible for deletion of folder in Outlook:

Inappropriate closing of Outlook Application: At times Outlook folders get deleted because of sudden termination of Outlook application while the Outlook folders are still in use or some email transfer is going on. Instant Outlook termination during this process won’t complete the process properly by saving all the changes. As a result some important folders may be erased from Microsoft Outlook.

PST file corruption due to archive error: Archive and Auto archive are the two options available in Microsoft Outlook to initiate moving of Outlook items automatically to PST files based on the preconfigured settings. But sometimes even if all other settings appear to be proper the Archive facilities fails to work properly as expected. As a result the PST files become corrupted ultimately leading to folder loss in Microsoft Outlook. If you lose all your Contacts from Outlook after PST file corruption, make use of this link to recover them easily:

Sharing PST file over network: PST files are not designed to be used over network. Sharing single PST file over network by many users at the same time may corrupt the PST file. This is because while sharing other user may accidentally delete or modify your PST file data, which may result in loss of important emails.

PST file corruption due to antivirus scanning: Sometimes, antivirus which scans your incoming and outgoing emails may interrupt the sending and receiving process resulting in loss of emails.

Features of Outlook recovery software:

Steps to recover deleted folder in Outlook:

Step 1: Get yourself with the demo version of Outlook recovery software by using the download button. Install it and launch the software.In the main window you will see "Open PST" option, "Find PST" option and "Outlook profile" option choose it accordingly.

How to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook - Main Screen

Step 2: Choose "Open PST" option if you already know about the location of PST file to be repaired, to recover deleted emails from that PST file or else select "Find PST" option and then select the logical drive. It will display the PST files present on that drive. Selecte the appropriate PST file and click "Next".

How to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook - Choose corrupted PST file

Step 3: Select the exact scanning method to restore deleted contacts from Outlook and browse for the destination to store new PST file and click "Repair". Recovery result can be evaluated in this way, which include the number of recovered emails, messages, contacts, tasks etc.

How to Recover Deleted Folder in Outlook - Select scanning method